Starting a One-Person Company? Here’s What You Need To Know:

As per the Companies Act ‘One Person Company means a company that has only one person in it. Another significant point to be taken under consideration is that an individual can form not more than 5 One-Person Companies (OPC). When the entrepreneur starts their business at a small scale to keep it simple and easy […]

Company Shares: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

The procedure of issuing shares of both private limited companies and public limited companies is different. A public limited company can issue shares to the general public whereas a private limited company can issue to persons and entities comprising of friends, relatives, business partners, etc. As per the Companies Act, 2013, private limited companies are […]

Brief Description About CCD vs CCPS vs Equity Shares

Start-ups, in the beginning, are not stable, there is usually a lack of assets and cash flow among the entrepreneurs. This makes it difficult to arrive at an accurate valuation of the company, but the valuation of the company is an essential prerequisite for investors who pool their resources. This is when the investors opt […]

Various Changes in Labor Law From July 01, 2022?

Labour law is also known as employment law. It aims to promote worker empowerment as well as their protection. Both central and state governments can make laws regulating labour. The law coordinates individual and collective employment relations. It controls the imbalance of power between the worker and the employer, prevents the employer from firing the […]

How To Choose The Right Legal Structure For Your Business?

Starting a business is a complicated process and becomes even tougher if you’re not aware of the right legal structure for your business. Hence, while setting up a business, the first task is to choose the right legal structure for your business. In this blog, we’ll discuss “How to choose the right legal structure for […]