Terms of Service Agreement

A Terms of Service agreement, often known as a ToS agreement, is a contract that you and your clients or platform users enter into. It governs the terms under which you allow customers to purchase your goods and services or just visit your website.
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Agreements on Terms of Service should be legally binding. If a disagreement develops, you may depend on them in court and enforce them against your users. However, you cannot enforce unfair contract terms, clauses that users are unaware of, and unclear or ambiguous terms.

Every Terms of Service agreement must include the following:
  • A date as well as an introduction
  • Liability limitation and disclaimer
  • User Behavior Guidelines
  • Copyright and intellectual property clause
  • Information on jurisdiction
  • Contact information
  • Links to additional policies
  • Clauses outlining your rights, including the ability to alter the Terms.

Benefits of Terms of Service Agreement

Terms of Service Agreement

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Terms of Service agreement is not required by law.
However, having one is critical and provides several benefits to both you and your consumers.
You'll benefit from having greater control over your website or mobile app. You have the ability to cancel accounts that do not comply with your rules, regulate how legal disputes are handled, and restrict your responsibility.
Yes. All of these agreements have the same goal in mind. It's only that their names are different. It is entirely up to you to choose a name.
In the footer of your website, you should always provide a link to your Terms of Service agreement. People expect to find essential information here, and it's considered best practice to do so.
A link to your Terms of Service agreement should also be displayed everywhere where users should be reminded of your Terms.
Terms of service agreement are usually tailor made based on the terms and conditions agreed between the parties. However, the basic elements of a contract and other requirements as per the governing rules maybe included.
The terms of service agreement is a contract between the parties and is legally binding on both the parties to the agreement in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement and the governing laws.