6 Tips to Cut Down Costs of Your Patenting Process

A patent application is now often made by inventors to safeguard their creations. Nonetheless, the patenting procedure is frequently time-consuming and expensive. This is due to the lengthy, expensive, and multi-stage nature of the patent application evaluation process. In addition to the expensive costs paid by an experienced patent lawyer, the formal expenses related to filing a patent can burn a hole in an inventor's wallet. There are, however, a few ways they may reduce the overall cost of patents.

  1. Do a patentability investigation

You must demonstrate an invention's uniqueness and non-obviousness in order to receive a patent  In order to determine if your innovation is patentable or not, you need do a previous art search. Prior art searches "relate to an orderly assessment of previous art material available from public sources," according to WIPO. In a perfect world, you would outsource this procedure to a company that offers patent services in nations like India. You will be charged more by attorneys in affluent nations than by a patent service provider operating in a developing economy.

  1. Outsource your patent application

The majority of a patent application is made up of technical details regarding your idea. You can present your case to the authorities with the aid of this application. It is a crucial step in the patent application process. Just for creating the patent application, a US legal company or attorney may demand a significant fee. Instead, it is advised to choose a patent service provider who can help a patent attorney headquartered in the US. As a result, it is possible to drastically lower the cost of filing a patent.

  1. Choose between a regular patent and a provisional patent

A normal patent typically has a 20-year lifespan. Before you submit a formal patent application, a provisional patent offers you temporary protection for a period of one year. Also, it is far less expensive than a standard patent. For a temporary extension, you might apply for a provisional patent. You can do market research in the interim to decide whether it is worthwhile to submit a standard patent application. After doing a thorough market analysis, you may register a standard patent in the nations where you believe your investment would be profitable.

  1. Save costs on routine documents

The patenting process involves several routine documents. Considering the hourly rates of attorneys in developed countries, you will be better off outsourcing the drafting of routine documents to patent service providers in countries such as India. You can get quality work done at less than half the rates.

  1. Make a budget

Establish a budget for the patenting procedure and let your patent attorney know what it is. Make it abundantly apparent that your budget cannot be exceeded. After then, the lawyer can work within the mutually agreed upon budget. Ask your lawyer up front what actions you can take to save costs. Moreover, make an effort to fully comprehend your lawyer's charging procedures.

  1. Keep track of “time to disposition

"Time to disposition" refers to the amount of time it takes for a patent to expire, be granted, or be abandoned. Pending applications typically communicate with the patent office once each year. There is an annual cost associated with that. The same is true for awarded patents; they also have yearly costs. You can put an end to applications by abandoning them, or you can let the awarded patents expire to save money.

The way forward

Any business or innovator may experience severe financial hardship due to the cost of obtaining and maintaining patents. Make sure you are aware of the fees involved with the patenting procedure in advance. Moreover, attempt to wait to begin the procedure until you are confident that the patent will pay for itself and result in a sizable profit. We advise you to utilize the aforementioned advice to reduce the price of the patenting procedure. Visit www.bbnc.in for any more help.

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