Incorporating a Subsidiary of a Foreign Company in India: A Step-by-Step Guide

As more and more foreign companies look to enter the Indian market, the incorporation of a subsidiary company in India is becoming a popular choice. Incorporating a subsidiary allows a foreign company to operate in India while maintaining a separate legal identity from the parent company. This structure can provide benefits such as limited liability […]

Every Business Should Have These Basic Legal Documentation

Legal documents are essential for defending the rights of the corporation and its owners during its existence. It doesn’t have to be difficult to handle your legal problems. It is frequently preferable to start protecting your business now than wait until it is too late. A variety of crucial legal documents are required for a […]

Incorporation of a Foreign Subsidiary Company in India

What is a foreign subsidiary company? Any corporation where a company formed in another foreign country owns 50% or more of its equity shares is said to have a foreign subsidiary. In this situation, the named foreign corporation is also referred to as the holding company or parent company. A corporation must be formed in […]

Are you planning to start a one person company

Starting a One-Person Company? Here’s What You Need To Know:

As per the Companies Act ‘One Person Company means a company that has only one person in it. Another significant point to be taken under consideration is that an individual can form not more than 5 One-Person Companies (OPC). When the entrepreneur starts their business at a small scale to keep it simple and easy […]

here is What you need to know before setting up a company

What You Need To Know Before Setting Up A Company:

As we know, no two businesses can be exactly the same, there are certain common steps entrepreneurs and new business owners must take before opening the doors of a new company. Starting a business can be a persuading thought, particularly for first-time business people or utilized people who are burnt out on the 8 am-5 […]

Guide to choose the right legal structure for your business.

How To Choose The Right Legal Structure For Your Business?

Starting a business is a complicated process and becomes even tougher if you’re not aware of the right legal structure for your business. Hence, while setting up a business, the first task is to choose the right legal structure for your business. In this blog, we’ll discuss “How to choose the right legal structure for […]

Private Limited Company Right for you

Is Private Limited Company Ownership Right for You?

A private limited company is a business with private ownership. By private ownership, we mean the founders or shareholders or management. In private ownership, stocks aren’t available to the public but just to private groups. That means, unlike a public company, a private company can’t issue its shares through IPO. Hence there is no involvement […]

Difference between pvt ltd vs llp vs public ltd vs opc vs sole proprietorship vs partnership.

Difference Between Pvt Ltd vs LLP vs Sole Proprietorship vs Public ltd vs OPC vs Partnership

If you are planning to start a business or even are just beginning, the legal structure for your business would act as a great essential part regarding operation. Every single business owner in India must select the best suitable entity type for their business, hence they must know their options and possess a legal structure […]