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The permission of all current Partners is typically necessary to add a new Partner to an existing LLP. If the LLP agreement allows it, one Partner can also have the authority to add a new Partners to the LLP without the permission of all of the current Partners.
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Every LLP should have at least two partners, with two acting as designated partners who operate on behalf of the partners and engage in day-to-day operations. A partner or designated partner can be changed, removed, or appointed after they have been assigned.

In order to join the LLP, a new Partner must fill out Form 6 and notify the LLP of his or her willingness to join. After the individual is admitted as a new Partner, the LLP must file Form 4 within 30 days of the day he or she joins the LLP.

A current Designated Partner must sign LLP Form 4. A certificate from a practicing Company Secretary or Chartered Accountant is also required, stating that the CS/CA has examined the facts of the Partner addition, including the LLP's books and records, and determined them to be correct.

An LLP agreement for adding a Partner must be filed as an amendment to the current LLP Agreement in addition to the foregoing.

Benefits of Adding a Partner in LLP

If required strong leadership

A good leader, particularly in the post of partner, is critical to the successful implementation of a board. Hence as the start-up grows it, we it required strong designated partner.


  1. Digital Signature Certificate
  2. PAN Card of the applicant
  3. Aadhaar Card of the applicant
  4. Photo of the applicant
  5. Email Id of the applicant
  6. Phone number

Process of Adding a Partner in LLP

  1. Apply for DIN Number: Following the DSC, the Director Identification Number will be entered into the form DIR – 3 together with the applicant's address proof and identification evidence.
  2. Call Partners Meeting: Once the designated partner has been assigned a DIN, all of the LLP's current partners will convene a meeting and adopt a resolution to add a designated partner to the partnership deed.
  3. Drafting the Partnership Deed: A supplementary partnership deed will be drafted to include the new partner's name.
  4. Consent of new partner will be taken in Writing: The new partner's permission will then be obtained in writing.
  5. Filing of Form 4: Within 30 days of the appointment, Form – 4 of LLP will be filed after these documents have been prepared.
  6. Filing of Form 3: Within 30 days after appointment, FORM – 3 will be filed, together with the supplementary and original partnership deed.
  7. Updating on the MCA portal: The name of the chosen partner will be added when all of these papers have been filed and will be visible on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs' website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If Forms 3 and 4 are not filed within 30 days, each form will be charged an extra penalty of Rs. 100/- per day.
Yes, It is mandatory to sign into a new agreement every time a new partner is brought into an LLP.
LLP has no restriction on maximum number of partners. But there should be minimum 2 designated partners in an LLP.