Compliance Calendar For The Month Of September 2021

It is critical for any firm, regardless of form, to adhere to statutory compliance and submit all essential files by the due dates. With massive compliance dropping in the year for businesses and entrepreneurs, it is critical to be compliant. Here is a compliance calendar for the month of September 2021. To assist stakeholders and […]

How To Fund Your Startup? Here Are 4 Effective Ways

Starting a business is hard but starting a business without any money is even harder. For most businesses, funding is needed at the early stages to help them grow. There are many different ways to fund your startup and each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are many different methods that you can […]

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Amendment Bill, 2021

The LLP Act was introduced in Rajya Sabha on 30th July 2021. It is all about to amend the existing Limited Liability Partnership Act,2008. LLPs are becoming popular among start-ups. An amendment is being proposed to the LLP Act for the first time,’ said finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman. Key Changes in the Bill: Small LLP: […]

Blocking of E way Bill – EWB generation facility begin again after 15th August 2021

As you are probably aware of the facility of blocking of E Way bill generation had closed temporarily due to ongoing pandemic as per the CGST Act 2017, In General, the facility of E way bill generation of a person is liable to be restricted when the assesses fails to file their return in form […]