7 Things to Do When You Receive a Copyright Infringement Notice

A $1.6 billion copyright infringement case brought Spotify into the public eye for all the wrong reasons. An organization named Wixen that publishes music brought the case against Spotify. In the case, Wixen claimed that Spotify had violated copyright by granting access to illegal music to its 60 million customers. Therefore, the authors and publishers […]


What is Bookkeeping? A system of tracking an organization’s financial transactions is called bookkeeping. It is beneficial to maintain a record of all financial activities, including sales and purchases, cash receipts and payments, and so on. In order to examine these actions and make the required modifications at any moment, bookkeeping also entails keeping records […]

Every Business Should Have These Basic Legal Documentation

Legal documents are essential for defending the rights of the corporation and its owners during its existence. It doesn’t have to be difficult to handle your legal problems. It is frequently preferable to start protecting your business now than wait until it is too late. A variety of crucial legal documents are required for a […]


There is an abundance of excellent accounting software accessible for businesses to choose from. Being a business owner, you could find it challenging to select one among the numerous available options. Well, don’t worry. We’re here to support you in choosing what’s best for you and your company. Since Quickbooks products and service offerings for […]


Beginning a business is not easy. Everything needs to be well planned from beginning to end. Starting a business is similar to going through a minefield; one false move may reduce all to ashes. The choice of where to establish base camp is one of the most crucial decisions we make when planning to launch […]

Incorporation of a Foreign Subsidiary Company in India

What is a foreign subsidiary company? Any corporation where a company formed in another foreign country owns 50% or more of its equity shares is said to have a foreign subsidiary. In this situation, the named foreign corporation is also referred to as the holding company or parent company. A corporation must be formed in […]