Change Name of Company

The name of a private/public/One Person limited company can be changed at any time after it is incorporated. To change the name of a company, a special resolution of the shareholders is required, as well as permission from the MCA.
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A private limited company's legal entity or existence as a corporate entity is unaffected by its name change. A firm's name change does not result in the formation of a new company or organization.

The following items are not affected due to the name change:
  • Affect the company's rights and liabilities.
  • Make any legal action taken by or against the firm meaningless.
  • Any legal procedures by or against the firm that are underway in the previous name will not be affected; they will be continued in the old name.
A firm that has not submitted annual reports or financial statements with the Registrar, or that has failed to pay or refund matured deposits or debentures, or interest thereon, will not be allowed to change its name.

Benefits of Changing Name of Company


Name assumes the brand value of the corporate and intention to enhance the brand value is usually a reason to vary the name.

Change within the business objective

Change within the name could also be required thanks to a change of business objective. If the name doesn't truly reflect the altered objective, it is often changed in line with the target. The corporate must apply for a change if the Registrar has directed to try to so in such a case.


  1. Proposed names of the company
  2. copy of certificate of incorporation and fresh certificate of incorporation in case of previously changed names
  3. Reasons for such proposed change in name
  4. Existing objects of the company

Process of Changing Name of Company

Step 1: Board Resolution.

Step 2: Check Company Name Availability.

Step 3: Pass Special Resolution for Company Name Change.

Step 4: Application for approval of Company Name Change.

Step 5: Issuance of New Certificate of Incorporation.

Step 6: Make Changes to MOA and AOA.

Key Deliverables

  1. Resolutions
  2. filed forms
  3. fresh certificate of incorporation
  4. altered MOA, AOA
  5. New PAN, TAN

Change Name of the company

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Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, it takes around 20-30 working days in total to change a company name. When any change in the name of a company is made under section 13(2), the Registrar shall enter the new name in the register of companies in place of the old name and issue a fresh certificate of incorporation with the new name and such change in the name shall be complete and effective only on the issue of such a certificate.
It depends on how much your brand is known at this time and how many customers or potential customers know your name. Your current customers will not care if it is changed, they know you, they are comfortable with you, and there is not much risk there. You need to think bigger and further in the future.
A company name in India can be changed due to following conditions:
  • Voluntary Change
  • Change within the business objective
  • Rebranding
  • Discard Boundaries assumed by the name
  • as per the directions of the central government or any appropriate authority
The name of the company is reflected in the MOA and AOA and hence the same is required to be modified when a change is made.
The company has to apply for a fresh PAN, TAN card reflecting the new name. However the number will not be changed.
The company should mention its new name along with the previous name in brackets in all letterheads, bills, invoices, name boards etc., wherever the company name is mentioned.