Businesses with a border presence must take on the task of protecting a trademark on a worldwide basis. Trademarks are essential for businesses because they help them establish their individuality in the market and prevent others from using their brand name or emblem without permission. A trademark is a symbol, phrase, or combination of both […]

6 Rights of a Registered Trademark Owner

What Is a Trademark? A trademark is an example of intellectual property. Your products or services can be distinguished from those of your consumers by a visual depiction of a word, symbol, label, numismatic characters, design, or a mix of these things. It is shielded by intellectual property rights ( IPR). A trademark is used: […]

7 Legal Advise for your first business.

7 legal advice you didn’t know you need for business

We every day hear so many stories of new business coming up, so many of them turn into unicorns, all of this gives us the temptation to start our own business, to create something which we’re interested in as well as yield us some income too but are we aware of the fact that starting […]

Why You need a trademark registration for your brand

Why You Need To Register Your Trademarks?

The growth of ‘branding’ is huge. This growth, however, has led to a number of companies using some very similar names. This can be a huge cause of concern for companies who have had their brand name trademarked. Trademark registration is a brand’s identity. If someone is using the same name, it can cause confusion […]