Conversion of Pvt Ltd to OPC

The Companies Act of 2013, which establishes a method to convert one class of business into another, allows for the conversion of a PLC (Private Limited Company) into an OPC (One Person Company). Starting on April 1, 2014, Section 18 of the Act expressly permits the conversion of an existing registered private limited company.
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A necessity for changing a private limited company into a one-person business may emerge as a result of a co-founder or promoter quitting a private limited company (PLC).

The conversion of a PLC to an OPC has no bearing on the company's duties or contractual commitments before conversion; such claims, liabilities, and obligations will be enforceable by law, and the resultant OPC will be accountable.

Requirements for converting a private corporation into an OPC.
  • The Company's paid-up share capital must be less than Rs. 50 lakh.
  • The company's yearly turnover should not have been more than 2 crores rupees over the previous three years.
  • The new OPC's shareholders should be Indian citizens.
  • A resident of India should be a shareholder in the new OPC. If a person stays in India for 180 days in a calendar year, he or she is considered a resident.
  • There should be no other OPCs held by the Shareholder, and he or she should not be a member of any other OPC.

Benefits of Conversion of Pvt Ltd to OPC


  1. Board resolution copy
  2. Copy of altered MOA and AOA
  3. Declaration from directors
  4. NOC from creditors
  5. Copy of NOC from shareholders
  6. Audited Financial statements

Process of Conversion of Pvt Ltd to OPC

Step 1: Conduct Board Meeting

Step 2: Conduct an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting

Step 3: File MGT-14

Step 4: File for Conversion

Step 5: Conversion to Private Limited Company

Step 6: Issue of Share Certificate

Key Deliverables

  1. Incorporation certificate
  2. Updated MOA and AOA
  3. Share Certificates

Conversion of Private limited company to One person company

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