Joint Venture Agreement

A Joint Venture Agreement is an agreement between two firms or individuals to collaborate in order to achieve a common goal. During the project, the contract specifies the expectations, obligations, conditions, and responsibilities of both parties.
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In a joint venture, the two firms no longer operate as separate entities, but rather as a partnership for the contract's purposes.

A contractual joint venture (JV) allows the parties to continue filing their tax returns independently while yet enjoying the financial benefits of a partnership, such as pooling resources and risks, without forming a formal partnership or new legal organization.

The following essential components will be identified in a joint venture agreement:
  • Parties or Co-Venturers: the two parties that have decided to collaborate.
  • Contributions: how much money, property, or time each of the co-venturers will invest.
  • Management: The person in charge of the company's day-to-day operations.
  • Purpose: The scope of JV operations and the reasons for pooling resources and cooperating.
  • Profits: how earnings will be distributed, whether through contributions or another method.
  • Term: if the venture is for a certain period of time or an infinite duration.
  • Confidentiality: Both parties agree to keep all confidential information private.
  • Termination: When a goal is met or a deadline is met, the venture will come to an end.

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Joint Venture Agreement

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Joint Venture is regulated based on the governing laws of parties and location of business.
In case of a joint venture in terms of equity, In order for it to get registered as joint venture Company, Foreign Company will have to become shareholder in new Indian company and then such joint venture company will be considered as Indian domestic company.
The parties desirous to form a joint venture may enter into an agreement of joint venture and the same may be registered based on the type of business and agreement.
Yes, a joint venture agreement is legally binding on the parties to the agreement in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement and the regulating laws.
Joint ventures are generally distinguished from partnerships by being more limited in both scope and duration. A partnership, on the other hand, ordinarily engages in an ongoing business for an indefinite period of time. Further, in a joint venture, it may not be just profit that binds the parties together.