Appointment/Resignation of Directors

A change in a company's directorship is possible at any moment, as and when required. Change can occur either willingly or in accordance with a demand. The need arises if the board requires an expert or if a current director resigns or dies.
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Any changes to a company's Board of Directors (BD) shall be made in accordance with the terms of the Companies Act of 2013, the company's AOA, and any agreed service agreements, if any.

The necessity for a company's directors to be replaced must be properly justified and authorized by the company's shareholders.

Adding or replacing a director requires legal paperwork, a board resolution, and the submission of papers with the Registrar of Companies.

The company's Annual General Meeting and Board of Directors shall first authorize the nomination of a new director, citing and justifying the critical need for appointing a new director. The prospective director shall be informed as soon as feasible of the passed resolution in this regard. In Form DIR-2, the new director must once again offer his or her written approval to serve as a director of the company.

In the event that a director resigns from the Board of Directors, the resigning director must give notice to the BD, and the business must have a Board meeting and subsequently a general meeting to notify about the resignation and accept it with a simple majority vote. Within 30 days of quitting, the retiring director must additionally send a copy of the indicated resignation to the concerned ROC in Form DIR-11.

Benefits of Appointment/Resignation of Directors

If required strong leadership

A good leader, particularly in the post of board chair, is critical to the successful implementation of a board. Hence as the start-up grows it we it required strong board members.

Documents required for appointment/resignation of director

Information required:

  1. Corporate Identification Number (CIN)/name of the Company
  2. e-Mail ID of Appointing Director
  3. Mobile No. of Appointing Director
  4. Occupation of Appointing Director
  5. Place of Birth of Appointing Director
  6. Educational Qualification of Appointing Director
  7. Valid DSC (Digital signature Certificate)! of Appointing Director
  8. Valid DSC (Digital signature Certificate) of Existing Director of the Company

Documents required:

  1. PAN of Appointing Director, if having
  2. Aadhar of Appointing Director
  3. copy of passport, if having
  4. copy of present and permanent address proof (Bank Statement, Mobile Bill)
  5. Photograph of Appointing Director

Process of Appointment/Resignation of Directors

Step 1: Raise a request with us, discussion with BBNC team

Step 2: Client to share the information/documents required

Step 3: Convene and hold Meeting and pass Resolution

Step 3: BBNC to share documents with client for execution

Step 3: Client to share executed documents

Step 3: BBNC to file e-Form DIR-3 and DIR-12 for appointment

Step 3: BBNC to obtain DIN approval letter

Step 3: Mark work item as closed

Key Deliverables

  1. Resolutions and Filed e-Forms
  2. Challan
  3. Updated master data of Company

Appointment or Resignation of Director

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Frequently Asked Questions

Disqualification of directors is addressed in Section 164 of the Companies Act of 2013.
Yes, the director would only be held responsible for the actions taken while they were serving as a director. Any additional activities done out by another director would not put the individual in jeopardy.
Individuals who are appointed to the board of directors of a public corporation are known as independent directors. An independent director's responsibilities include some level of decision-making independence. Non-executive directors are not involved in the day-to-day operations of the company.
Section 168 of the Companies Act 2013 states that, a director may resign from his office by giving a due notice to the company and the board shall take note of it and intimate the same to the Register of companies..
Yes, and Non resident indian or a foreign national can be appointed as a director. However the company should meet the requirement of having atleast one resident director on board.
Yes, a director can be appointed as an additional director by the Board. However the said appointment shall be valid only until the AGM and should be ratified by the members by appointing him as a Director.
The appointment of director shall cease to continue and the corresponding forms for his cessation are required to be filed with the registrar giving effect to the same.