List of compliance due dates in August 2021

Compliance Calendar For The Month Of August 2021

The third wave of covid has already begun in India, and it may be worse than the previous two waves. However, it is critical for firms to maintain compliance with numerous regulations. Here is the entire August 2021 compliance calendar.


The entire compliance calendar for the month of August 2021, will serve as a reference as to what must be met and on what days. Employers and company owners will benefit from this. The compliance calendar assists entrepreneurs in better planning their schedules so that they may make the most of their time.


There are significant legislation and tax compliances every month. However, according to the compliance calendar, there are a few tax and statutory compliance due dates in August 2021, such as ROC filings, income tax return filings, and GST return files.


For Companies apart from statutory and tax compliances, there is extra compliance in the month of August 2021. Which is DPT-3 annual compliance. The due date for DPT 3 Filing was June 30, 2021. (Here is the compliance calendar of June 2021), but considering the covid situation, the government has extended the due date to 31st August 2021. This is a return of deposits that companies must file to furnish information about outstanding receipt of loans or money other than deposits.


There is an additional deadline for LLPs, the annual return of LLPs for the previous financial year i.e. 2020-21 needs to be filed by filing form 11 within August 31st, 2021.


Below is the complete compliance calendar for the month of August 2021. This calendar has been prepared in three parts, Compliance Calendar for GST due dates of August 2021, Compliance Calendar for Income Tax Return due dates for the month of August 2021, and Compliance calendar for the other Filings in the Month of August 2021.


I'm requesting that you check over each calendar completely to grasp the due dates and criteria for your company.


Tax and Statutory Compliance calendar for the month of August 2021

Below are the three compliance calendars for various compliances that a firm must follow.

GST Compliance calendar for the month of August 2021. (Important due dates for GST Return filings)

SL NOForm to be filedFor the PeriodDue date Who should file?
1GSTR 1July 202111.08.2021Taxpayers having an aggregate turnover of more than INR 1.5 Crores or opted to file Monthly Return
2GSTR 1 IFF (QRMP)July 202111.08.2021GST return for the taxpayers who opted for QRMP scheme (Optional)
3GSTR 3BJuly 202120.08.2021The due date for GSTR-3B having an Annual Turnover of more than 5 Crores
4GSTR 5July 202120.08.2021Non-Resident Taxpayers
5GSTR 5AJuly 202120.08.2021Registered person providing OIDAR services from outside India to a non taxable online recipient
6GSTR 6July 202113.08.2021Input Service Distributors
7GSTR 7July 202110.08.2021GSTR 7 is a return to be filed by the persons who is required to deduct TDS (TaxTDS (Tax deducted at source) deducted at source) under GST
8GSTR 8July 202110.08.2021GSTR-8 is a return to be filed by the e-commerce operators who are required to deduct TCS (Tax collected at source) under GST
9GST CMP-08July 202118.08.2021Tax payers opted for composition scheme


Income Tax and Statutory compliance calendar for the month of August 2021. (Important due dates for TDS/PF/ESI return filings)

SL NOForm to be filedFor the PeriodDue date Who should file?
1Challan No. ITNS-281July 202107.08.2021Payment of TDS/TCS deducted /collected in April 2021.
2Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR) (PF)July 202115.08.2021E-payment of Provident Fund
3ESI ChallanJuly 202115.08.2021ESI payment
4PT ChallanJuly 202120.08.2021E-payment of Professional Tax
5Vivad se Viswad31.08.2021Settlement of pending tax disputes between individuals and the income tax department


Other Important due dates in August 2021

SL NOForm to be FiledFor the PeriodDue DateWho should file?
1DPT-3 FilingFY 2020-21 31.08.2021Companies who have taken outstanding loans
2PAS -6 Half Yearly31.08.2021last date for reconciliation of share capital audit report
3MSME- 1Half Yearly31.08.2021Payment delayed to MSME stake holders
4FORM-11For FY 2020-2131.08.2021Annual Return of LLP


July 2021 was not that crucial for due dates for various compliances as compared to August 2021.  As, in this month there are various regular compliances related to GST filings, Income Tax filings, and Statutory compliances. Along with these, there are additional filings such as DPT-3, form 11 for LLPs, and a couple of others.

Filing the above-mentioned list of compliances on or before the due days will save businesses and entrepreneurs from hefty penalties. We advise you to get in touch with your CA/CS for filing for these compliances. If you need any help, feel free to write to us at


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