Private Limited Company Right for you

Is Private Limited Company Ownership Right for You?

A private limited company is a business with private ownership. By private ownership, we mean the founders or shareholders or management. In private ownership, stocks aren’t available to the public but just to private groups. That means, unlike a public company, a private company can’t issue its shares through IPO. Hence there is no involvement […]

Bootstrapping an excellent way to fund your startup

The Beauty of Bootstrapping

There is one question that we always get, How can I start or grow my business without taking external funding? The simple answer is BOOTSTRAPPING! Bootstrapping is nothing but using your savings to start a business. Entrepreneurs do not seek funding from venture capitals or investors, which eliminates the pressure from external sources and keeps […]

Difference between pvt ltd vs llp vs public ltd vs opc vs sole proprietorship vs partnership.

Difference Between Pvt Ltd vs LLP vs Sole Proprietorship vs Public ltd vs OPC vs Partnership

If you are planning to start a business or even are just beginning, the legal structure for your business would act as a great essential part regarding operation. Every single business owner in India must select the best suitable entity type for their business, hence they must know their options and possess a legal structure […]

wholly owned subsidiary company in India

Setting Up a Wholly Owned Subsidiary in India by Foreign Company In 2022

Setting up a wholly owned subsidiary in India is a common practice for many MNCs or International companies. It acts as a base for all the foreign company’s business in India and helps it in managing all its activities in an effective manner. It also helps in reaching out to a new market and hiring […]

Subsidiary company formation in India process

Benefits Of Subsidiary Company Formation Over An Offshore Development Center in India

India has become a global hub for offshore software development centres. Companies from the US, UK and Europe are setting up their offshore development centre or directly starting with the process of subsidiary company formation in India. The reason for major companies is choosing to offshore to India because they can be guaranteed of receiving […]

How to Incorporate a subsidiary of foreign company in India

6 Simple Steps of Foreign Subsidiary Company Registration in India

When you are planning to set up an office in India, there are certain procedures that need to be followed. It can be confusing for business owners who are not aware of the details. This blog talks about the process of subsidiary company registration in India. In the year 2021 more than 1,500 foreign companies […]

Starting an IT startup in India by a foreign national

How to Set-Up an IT Start-Up in India By Foreign Holdings

Most of the International Information technology companies have a Development Center set-up in India. There are various reasons for that. However, if you are looking to set-up a development center or subsidiary of your foreign holding company in India. Here is what you all need to know.The process of setting up an IT startup in […]

Best suited entity in India for NRI entrepreneurs to start a business

Best Suited Entity for NRI Entrepreneurs

When it comes to Indian resident entrepreneurs who wants to start a business in India, they have lots of options and they can choose any of those by filtering through their needs, as it does not have many complications such FDI, Profit repatriation, etc.However, when it comes to NRI entrepreneurs who wants to start a […]