How to save compliance cost of a newly incorporated company

Saving Cost and Time on Compliances of Startups

Every start-up and every company has a different story and different requirements when it comes to accounting, taxation, and compliance requirements. Here in this post, we have tried to explain some of our client’s stories and how we (BBNC) as a team have helped them with saving the cost of compliances for their startup.   […]

Compliance Calendar June 2021

Compliance Calendar for The Month of June 2021

Most of the places in India are in complete lockdown due to the raise in Covid cases. However, it is important for businesses and entrepreneurs to stay compliant with various compliances during the month of June 2021. Considering the current Covid-19 situation the govt has recently given an extension for various deadlines. Every month there […]

Private Limited Company post Incorporation compliances

Post Incorporation Compliances and Tasks

Many entrepreneurs think that incorporating a Private Limited Company is the only prime task that needs to be done in order to start a company. Once the company is incorporated, they get busy with other business activities such as business development, team building, product development, etc. But in reality, Company Incorporation is only the first […]

Income tax, Statutory and GST Compliance calendar for May 2021

Compliance Calendar For May 2021

The second wave of covid 19 has hit us harder than the first wave. The situation in India is getting worse. However, businesses and entrepreneurs need to stay compliant with various compliances during May 2021. Every month there are significant compliances related to statutory and Tax. However, if we look at the compliance calendar, we […]

Mandatory compliances required by a start-up registered in India

Start-ups in India and Mandatory Compliances

Most of the start-ups in India go for Private Limited Companies. According to studies, 95% Start-ups in India register as a Private Limited Company. Due to its various benefits such as ease of raising equity funds, clear definition between the management and owners of the company, Stock Options for Employees, etc. Before you register your […]