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Karnataka Govt Launches Global Startup Challenge 2022

The Karnataka government unveiled VentuRISE, a programme designed to assist growth-stage entrepreneurs in manufacturing and sustainability-related industries. The Global Investors Meet - Invest Karnataka 2022, which will take place in Bangalore from November 2nd to 4th at the Bangalore Palace, will include VentuRISE as a participant.

Business owners from all over the world will have a platform to showcase their innovative products or ideas and interact with potential investors thanks to the global challenge.

The Global Challenge will provide ambitious entrepreneurs from all around the world with a platform where they can showcase their cutting-edge products or services and establish connections with potential investors.

To ensure the smooth operation of the Startup Challenge, the Department of Industries and Commerce has partnered with TiE, the largest network of entrepreneurs dedicated to helping entrepreneurship, and TiE Bangalore, the regional chapter of TiE Global.

According to a formal release, Amazon is providing funds for the endeavour.

An industry-led screening and selection procedure will focus on entrepreneurs in the manufacturing and sustainability sectors during the next two months. Global business owners will be able to showcase their products or services and build a strong network to support their operations.

A three-round tournament called the Startup Challenge will take place over the course of two months. The application procedure will involve the online submission, online jury pitching, a final presentation at the Global Investors Meet, as well as platform-specific media exposure.

A monetary award of $1,000,000 will be given to the winners. The winners will get access to customers, special pitching opportunities at Invest Karnataka, curated investor meetings, and mentoring sessions. Famous investors in venture capital, private equity, and angel investing are anticipated.

The objective is to market Karnataka as a top location for businesses in the manufacturing and sustainability industries, as well as to draw investors and business partners to aid in their expansion.

If you wish to apply for the same, here is the link to submit your startup with VentuRISE:

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