Trademark Registration

Trademark is a way of protecting a unique component of a business such as its Name, Logo, Tagline, Slogan, etc. a registered trademark is a business’s intellectual property (IP) or an Intangible asset. It protects the company’s Intellectual property from misused by someone else.
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It takes a hard deal to build a brand name, where customers or people believe in and identify the brand by a particular logo, slogan, sound, words, images, etc. But it is important to make sure you have the ownership of such intellectual property. Registering the same in the Trademark Act in India gives the exclusive ownership and rights also restrict others from using it.

It is important to register your trademark as it prevents others from copying your mark. After the application of the trademark, it takes 15-18 months to get the trademark approved. Trademark registration expires after 10 years of its registration, but unlike a patent, a trademark registration can be renewed again for the next 10 years. as long as you keep renewing the trademark it will not expire and will continue to be under the protection of the Act.

Benefits of Trademark Registration

Legal Protection

In case someone uses the trademarked name or logo who is not authorized to use it, you can take up the issue legally and sue them.


In case your brand name creates a name and success; the intellectual property can be a valuable asset. It can be commercially contracted or franchised.

Global Opportunity for Trademark

Trademark which is filed and approved in India can also be filed in other countries. It gives an opportunity to create a brand globally.


Customers associate a product or services’ performance, quality, and features with the company making such products. They identify the product generally by the logo and name which would be a registered trademark. Trademark registration facilitates the brand recognition.


General documents required

Documents required for an Individual or a sole proprietor Firm

Documents required for a Private Limited or Registered firm

How to register a Trademark?

Step 1: Share the requirement and required documents

Step 2: Complete a trademark search

Step 3: Sign power of attorney to the professional for filing trademark

Step 4: Filing of trademark application with required documents

Step 5: Obtain provisional certificate

Step 6: After approval obtain permanent certificate

Key Deliverables

a. Provisional trademark registration certificate

b. Permanent trademark registration certificate (Subject to approval)

Trademark Registration

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any registered trademark which is not renewed will be in the expired category. However, the registrar will not allot such mark for a period of 1 year from the date of expiry. Hence you can apply for renewal for your mark. However, there will be a penalty that will be levied in that case. After 12 months of expiry of the mark, if the application for renewal is not made, such marks come under the abandoned category. Anyone is free to register such a mark.
No, an Idea cannot be trademarked, only the name, logo, tagline, sound, image, can be trademarked.
The Trademark Registry has classified goods and services under 45 classes. A trademark can be registered in those 45 classes only. Each class defines a different industry/business type.
The TM symbol can be used once the trademark application has been submitted to register as trademark.
Yes, you can do a trademark search by visiting the website - .
Yes, having a MSME registration reduces the trademark government fee by 50%. We recommend to get a MSME registration before you apply for trademark registration.
Yes, one can apply for trademark registrations under multiple classes.