Trade License

Trade License is certificate issued by the municipal corporation to a person or entity to carry particular business operations at a specific premise. The business owner cannot conduct any other business operations from the same trade license.
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Trade License is regulated through municipal corporation act. It ensures that the citizens are not affected by health problems and danger brought by conducting trade operations. It also ensures that business operations conducted by the company is following the specified rules, regulations, safety guards and standards.

If a trade conducted by business is found to be unauthorized, it will be considered as an offence and may result in substantial penalty and prosecution. Trade license needs to be renewed every year; the usual renewal period is from 1st January to 30th March every year.

There are 3 categories of Trade License

  1. Industries License: this license is issued for small, Medium and large-scale manufacturing factories.
  2. Shop License: Dangerous and offensive trades like sale of firewood, Cracker, Candle manufacturers, Barber shop, etc. comes under shops license.
  3. Food Establishment License: Restaurants, hotels, bakery, canteen, food stall, sale of raw meat, vegetables, etc. businesses need to get a food license to conduct the business operations

Benefits of Trade License

  • Trade license help in keeping track of compliance and regulations of local businesses
  • Trade License ensures that no illegal trade is happening the country
  • Trade License allows the state government to keep track of business operating within the state
  • Trade License helps in removing unwanted and unethical business practices occurring in the state
  • It prevents health issues and danger that may cause to people due to trade activities
  • Makes sure that all the businesses functioning within the state follow certain rules and regulations
  • Checklist/Requirements

    1. PAN and Incorporation certificate, MOA and AOA of the company.
    2. Property tax receipt from the Municipality
    3. NOC from the neighbors and land lord.
    4. Address Proof - Rent agreement/lease agreement/ property documents
    5. Blue print of the building where business is conducting
    6. In case of individual Aadhar card is mandatory
    7. Katha extracts & Certificate
    8. Occupancy certificate
    9. Bank Statement and Cancelled cheque
    10. Legal Occupancy document proof of the establishment/unit.
    11. Documentary proof of establishment of trade.

    Process of Trade License

    Step 1: Share the required documents and registrations

    Step 2: Prepare the documentation

    Step 3: Apply for trade License with the authorities

    Step 4: Obtain the trade license

    Key Deliverables

    1. Trade License

    2. Challan

    Trade License

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    In general, it takes 7-10 days’ time to process the application of Trade license in metro cities. However, in other small cities and rural areas, it takes longer.
    Yes, companies such as software, marketing, consultancies, require to register under the shops and establishment act. Which is a part of trade License.
    Yes, you will need a trade license.
    Trade License is a license or a permit issued by the municipal corporation or local panchayat that qualifies any business to carry out a particular trade or a business for which it is issued in the given premises. Trade license is location-based and the fees for registration varies based on employee factors like employee size etc.
    Yes, u need Trade license, Shop Establishment certificate, PT registration irrespective of if you have GST registration.