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Every business which operates in food sector. be it food processing, food manufacturing, packaging or distributing of food items, has to be registered for FSSAI Food License. it is a 14-digit registration or License number which needs to be printed on the food packages.
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FSSAI: Food Safety and Standard Authority of India. It is a corporate body which monitors businesses which are registered under FSSAI.

FSSAI maintains and encourages public health by regulation and supervising the safety of food products across India. This registration provides information about, food safety, quality, regulations, purity and other important factors a customer can trust.

There are 3 Types of FSSAI Licenses

FSSAI Basic Registration: Small businesses or start-ups, small food manufacturers, storage units, transporters, marketers and retailers, etc. who have business turnover less than 12 lakhs is required to take the basic registration of FSSAI. This registration can later be upgraded to the next level.

FSSAI State License: Medium sized companies like Manufacturers, storage units, transporters, retailers, distributors, marketers, etc. who have annual turnover between 12 lakhs -20 crores requires to take FSSAI State License. This License is issued by state government and it is mandatory that you should operate in that state itself.

FSSAI Central License: Large business-like importers, 100% export-oriented businesses, large manufacturers, operators in the central government agencies, airports, sea ports, etc. whose annual turnover is above 20 crores require to take FSSAI Central License.

FSSAI licenses issued to food businesses are valid for a period of 1 to 5 years. It is mandatory to apply for license renewal 30 days before the expiry of the existing license. Non-renewal of licenses can fetch a fine of Rs.100 per day until the renewal is done

Benefits of FSSAI Food License

FSSAI Food License will help business in the following ways

• Holding a FSSAI License allows businesses to improve and enhance their credibility. By displaying the FSSAI license number on the packaging

• FSSAI License logo is widely recognized in India. Hence it ensures the good will among the customers.

• The important aspects of hygiene and cleanliness needs to be followed when FSSAI registration is involved.

• FSSAI provides a platform to produce quality foods at an international food standard. hence exports of food are easy

• FSSAI is also responsible for setting guidelines and procedures for quality assurance of the accredited labs as per ISO17025.


• A passport sized photograph
• State & Central License Proof of address
• An identity proof that contains a photograph
• No Objection Certificate from the local municipality

Apart from these if a business is a private Limited Company or LLP additional following document will be required
• A list of directors or partners
• A certificate of incorporation
• The MoA and AoA of the company

For manufacturing units, besides the above-listed documents, the following are also required
• The blueprint of warehouse, plant, etc.
• A list of all machinery
• Report of a water test
• List of all food categories

Process of Food License Registration or Process of FSSAI Registration

Step 1: FSSAI registration is initiated by submitting Form A (application) to the Food and Safety Department.

Step 2: This application can be accepted or it may be rejected by the Department within 7 days from the date of receipt. The rejection has to be intimated to the applicant in writing

Step 3: If the application is accepted. Then the department will grant a registration certificate with the registration number and the photo of the applicant.

Step 4: Businesses should prominently display the certificate of registration. At the place of business during the business hours.

Key Deliverables

• FSSAI Registration Certificate

• Login credentials to the FSSAI portal

FSSAI Food License

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Food Truck business the requirement of Food license is mandatory. Apart from other applicable license like NOC from local authority. You can start your food truck business simply by FSSAI Registration. If estimated turnover in year is less than 12 lacs. If you believe that turnover will be more than 12 Lac in year then you need to apply for State license.
FSSAI registration is issued & approved automatically after 7 days. if authorities demand any clarification or documents before 7 days. Then it may take higher time.

FSSAI State & Central license is approved after 60 days. If authorities demand any clarification or documents before 60 days. Then it may take higher time.
FSSAI stands for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. They provide food product standards. Which should be followed by Food Business. Operators (from industrial giants like Coke, Nestle to small players like street food vendors).

To ensure any food product is approved by FSSAI. One can check the label where FSSAI license number of the manufacturer and marketer is mentioned.
To start any business related to food items. one must seek an FSSAI License to manufacture, distribute transport and packaging of food products. It is not necessary for one to go for company registration any individual can take FASSAI License.
When you apply for an FSSAI license, you are allowed to specify the period for which you want such food license to be issued. The period can range from a year up to five years. In fact, the period chosen will determine how much fees you will have to pay.
Yes, you need to obtain the license and get registered before starting your business.