How to Pay your advance tax

How to Pay Your Advance Tax: A Step-by-Step Guide

Those with sources of income besides their salaries are obligated to pay advance tax. Advance tax can be paid by those who make money via renting out their property, selling their shares, making fixed deposits, winning the lottery, etc. The “Pay as you Earn” plan, often known as advance tax, can be paid through specific […]

Did you not receive your income tax refund yet, here is how you can check the status of your income tax refund

Didn’t get your Income Tax Refund despite filing the ITR on time? here’s why

Around 45 days have elapsed since the filing deadline for income tax returns, and the income tax administration has already started disbursing qualified taxpayers’ refunds. The income tax (I-T) department reports that as of September 8, 2022, refunds of Rs. 1.19 lakh crore had been given out, which is 65.29 per cent higher than had […]

Venturise Global startup challenge

Karnataka Govt Launches Global Startup Challenge 2022

The Karnataka government unveiled VentuRISE, a programme designed to assist growth-stage entrepreneurs in manufacturing and sustainability-related industries. The Global Investors Meet – Invest Karnataka 2022, which will take place in Bangalore from November 2nd to 4th at the Bangalore Palace, will include VentuRISE as a participant. Business owners from all over the world will have a […]

Are you planning to start a one person company

Starting a One-Person Company? Here’s What You Need To Know:

As per the Companies Act ‘One Person Company means a company that has only one person in it. Another significant point to be taken under consideration is that an individual can form not more than 5 One-Person Companies (OPC). When the entrepreneur starts their business at a small scale to keep it simple and easy […]

here is What you need to know before setting up a company

What You Need To Know Before Setting Up A Company:

As we know, no two businesses can be exactly the same, there are certain common steps entrepreneurs and new business owners must take before opening the doors of a new company. Starting a business can be a persuading thought, particularly for first-time business people or utilized people who are burnt out on the 8 am-5 […]

7 Legal Advise for your first business.

7 legal advice you didn’t know you need for business

We every day hear so many stories of new business coming up, so many of them turn into unicorns, all of this gives us the temptation to start our own business, to create something which we’re interested in as well as yield us some income too but are we aware of the fact that starting […]

Here is everything you should know about company shares

Company Shares: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

The procedure of issuing shares of both private limited companies and public limited companies is different. A public limited company can issue shares to the general public whereas a private limited company can issue to persons and entities comprising of friends, relatives, business partners, etc. As per the Companies Act, 2013, private limited companies are […]

CCD vs CCPS vs Equity

Brief Description About CCD vs CCPS vs Equity Shares

Start-ups, in the beginning, are not stable, there is usually a lack of assets and cash flow among the entrepreneurs. This makes it difficult to arrive at an accurate valuation of the company, but the valuation of the company is an essential prerequisite for investors who pool their resources. This is when the investors opt […]