Changes in labor law will effect you

Various Changes in Labor Law From July 01, 2022?

Labour law is also known as employment law. It aims to promote worker empowerment as well as their protection. Both central and state governments can make laws regulating labour. The law coordinates individual and collective employment relations. It controls the imbalance of power between the worker and the employer, prevents the employer from firing the […]

Guide to choose the right legal structure for your business.

How To Choose The Right Legal Structure For Your Business?

Starting a business is a complicated process and becomes even tougher if you’re not aware of the right legal structure for your business. Hence, while setting up a business, the first task is to choose the right legal structure for your business. In this blog, we’ll discuss “How to choose the right legal structure for […]

Private Limited Company Right for you

Is Private Limited Company Ownership Right for You?

A private limited company is a business with private ownership. By private ownership, we mean the founders or shareholders or management. In private ownership, stocks aren’t available to the public but just to private groups. That means, unlike a public company, a private company can’t issue its shares through IPO. Hence there is no involvement […]


Everything You Need To Know About Director’s Post In A Company

Companies have a lot of operations, and those operations can’t be performed without a director. The director’s work starts from the incorporation process and continues as long as the company goes. In this article, I’ll cover all the details of being a director.   Definition of Directors: The directors are referred to as the persons […]

Mistakes you should avoid while starting a business in India

Avoid These 5 Mistakes While Starting Your Business

Starting your own business? That’s nice but before you too make mistakes that many other owners make in starting phase here’s our blog with 5 common mistakes to avoid with your new business to ensure smooth flow of your business. Mistake 1:  Not Getting Your Business Registered One of the biggest mistake businesses makes is […]

Liquidation Process of Companies in India

Process Of Liquidation of a Company in India

Due to various reasons, many companies across the world wind up their business, at the time of closure they need to follow certain rules and regulations defined by the government, one of the important processes that they need to go through while closing a company is Liquidation of the company. What is Liquidation? When a […]